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What is BodhiTree?

BodhiTree is a platform that hosts interactive multimedia books including lab manuals that mimic classroom teaching. Much like regular books, BodhiTree books (BodhiBooks) are made up of chapters, which are made up of sections, which in turn are made up of elements.

Unlike regular books though, elements are a lot richer and can be interactive videos; auto-graded practice problems; reference material; slides; auto/manual graded lab exercises, etc. BodhiBooks are accessible via a web browser as well as a smartphone app.

BodhiTree provides an integrated learning management system (LMS), the entire ecosystem needed to use these books to run engaging classes and labs.

Why use BodhiTree?

Are you unable to find quality video content or good labs? Unhappy with Moodle in handling interactive video content? Unable to support sophisticated auto-graded or rubric-based manual graded labs? Having difficulty hosting and downloading course videos when using Youtube? Are you having to use multiple products (Piazza for discussions, Moodle for content, separate channels for email-communication) to handle your different needs?

BodhiTree is here to solve the problem. It is a one-stop solution to all your instructor needs!

How is BodhiTree different from other platforms?

BodhiTree appears similar to MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platforms such as Coursera, Udacity, edX, and the indigenous NPTEL/Swayam. The fundamental difference though is our focus is on instructors (in addition to students). It is an aid to teaching for instructors, as opposed to replacement of teachers (which is the view of MOOCs). In this regard, Moodle as an LMS is closer to our ideology than a MOOC. Compared to Moodle, BodhiTree is more user-friendly and has better support for multimedia content, quizzes and lab exercises.

  • Multimedia books (that can replace textbooks)
    • Quality content prepared by award winning teacher and experts in the field
    • Hands-on learning via manual/auto-graded lab exercises
    • Auto-graded practice/homework problems
  • Instructor interface that helps:
    • Assemble course specific book from multiple books
    • Enroll students, impose schedule, track progress
    • Interact with students via emails, discussion forum
    • Share and download marks/grades
    • Conduct cheating free labs that can be manual or auto-graded

Overall a user-friendly platform that will reduce your load!

How to use Bodhi Tree?

  1. Replace your prescribed textbook by a multimedia book. Use our books created by top domain experts or create your own and upload them on the platform.
  2. Use the book as a reference book in your regular in-class teaching or in a "flipped class mode".
  3. On the platform: Enrol students, impose weekly schedules, monitor student progress, facilitate discussions, share exam marks.
  4. Course has a lab? Use the platform to conduct rubric based manual graded and auto-graded programming labs that comes with cheating free; plagiarism checks, editor support.

Learn from subject experts and award winning teachers at IIT Bombay.

Introduction to Computer Programming
Data Structures
Operating Systems
Unix and Scripting
Complement "interactive" theory lessons with "hands-on" labs and "auto-graded" quizzes that nurture higher-order thinking.

Eight multimedia books available!
Computer Organization and Architecture
Wireless Networks
Foundations of Computer Security
BodhiTree used by:
Avinashlingam University Coimbatore
WIT Solapur
LNCT Bhopal
KLS Gogte Institute of Technology Belagavi
DAIICT Gandhinagar
SRM Institute of Science and Technology
GHRCE Nagpur

(Guidance/support provided by faculty from IIT Bombay)